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How DeFi is Building a New Financial System

DeFi made its debut in 2019 and achieved huge user growth in blockchain industry.  Yet DeFi is still far from being widely accepted and therefore has great development potential. This article intends to help readers get acquainted with DeFi by

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UQPAY Li Wangjian: Application Analysis of Blockchain Technology in Cross-Border Acquiring

At present, Blockchain technology, as an underlying technology refined from Bitcoin currency experiment, has quickly become the most concerned new financial technology because of its characteristics such as weak-centered, trust-free, low cost and natural settlement. Almost all finance-related fields have

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Li Wangjian, CEO of UQPAY: Blockchain Technology Is Reshaping Supply Chain Finance

The concept of blockchain emerged in 2016 and was popularized in the latter half of 2017, along with the rapid rise of bitcoin, and then declined due to the crackdowns on ICO and virtual digital currency trading by the Central

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