UNIBRIGHT is the Bridge over Troubled Waters…

UNIBRIGHT is the Bridge over Troubled Waters…

by August 16, 2018

A little more than 3 months after their successful ICO, the German company  Unibright is making headlines with high potential partnerships s and first customers for real use cases.

Being a team of developers with 20+ years of experience in business integration, Unibright seems to know how to address common key problems of any company when it comes to new technology, especially in terms of Blockchain.

Marten Jung, CEO from UNIBRIGHT states:

Marten Jung

Marten Jung

„Nowadays most companies have a strong interest in Blockchain technology, but struggle to use it. That is why we created the Unibright framework. It’s an easy-to-use, non-techie approach for companies to integrate state-of-the-art blockchain technology into existing business and IT system landscapes“.

The outstanding features of the Unibright Framework reflect the overall challenges for companies to adopt to Blockchain:


Longterm strategic planning

Although still at an early stage of Blockchain, the first league of business-relevant protocols is expanding fast. It is close to impossible for companies to choose between all existing Blockchains, offering different features, in order to set up solid business processes in the long run.


Skilled blockchain and smart contract developers are rare and expensive. Companies don’t want to back the wrong horse. Errors in smart contracts have far-reaching consequences for they are much more complex to fix as opposed to traditional programming in centralized systems.


Understandably enough, companies don’t want to change their already existing IT system landscape, just because of blockchain. But the best blockchain implementation does not help if it is not perfectly integrated into off-chain systems.


With every new system or technology involved in a company’s processes, it is getting more complicated to keep track of all data and information. From a process point of view, it is not so interesting where the data initially comes from, but rather what it means for the ongoing process.

Given that challenges, it’s understandable that 99% of all existing IT systems within enterprises don’t use or connect to any blockchain yet. Unibright wants to change that, offering a holistic solution to the described problems.

Based on different use cases, the framework provides customizable templates to design individual business integration workflows visually. All necessary objects are then generated automatically by the framework:

  • SmartContracts for different Blockchain implementations
  • SmartAdapters to connect with other on- and off-chain systems
  • SmartQueries to monitor the ongoing integration process in realtime.

How Unibright bridges the gap

Unibright offers a unified framework that sets new standards in blockchain adoption. With its “no-coding-needed” approach, companies can focus on the essentials: the business process.

  • Tech giants who want to get consumption to their infrastructure build for blockchain nodes
  • Consulting companies searching for solutions to show their customers a way into blockchain technology
  • Enterprises looking for a future-proof solution to find a start in blockchain technology
  • Blockchain companies offering platforms and protocols and looking for clients of the “real world”

To bridge these different businesses, Unibright co-hosts public events with tech-giants like Microsoft (May 2018), consulting companies like Zühlke (June 2018) or world players like Lufthansa (July 2018). On top, an active partnering with high-quality blockchain protocols (like NEM in August 2018) supports the success chances of all participants.

The Unibright framework takes care of the entire life-cycle of a business process, including its definition, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and integration. This holistic approach allows companies to focus solely on the advantages of blockchain technology for their own business without having to delve too deep into the subject matter.

The utility token needed to use the Unibright framework is being listed on QRYPTOS since 14th of August 2018.

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