Walk Away From Belly Fat & Earn Extra Airline Miles

Walk Away From Belly Fat & Earn Extra Airline Miles

by September 5, 2018

Mileslife, an  app where users can earn miles from dining and everyday spending, has recently launched their latest initiative – Mileslife Health. The new function rewards users with bonus miles upon completion of activity targets in a bid to motivate Singaporeans to hit their recommended step count every day, starting from 5,000 steps onwards.

Short-term benefits, long-term impacts

According to data from the Health Promotion Board (HPB), the average Singaporean today is heavier and Singapore is at risk of hitting obesity rates of 15% by 2024. People who are obese are at higher risk of developing health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. To help tackle this emerging issue and play its part for the community, Mileslife is encouraging users to take the first step towards exercising by walking for miles.

One of the easiest ways to exercise, walking requires nothing more than 30 minutes of one’s time daily and a pair of tennis shoes, while having tremendous mental and physical benefits.

Troy Liu

Troy Liu

“Since 2016, Mileslife has pioneered a new ecosystem that enables users to collect airline miles and points through their daily activities, from dining to spa and travel. Our commitment now extends beyond recreational lifestyle activities to healthy living as well,”

said Troy Liu, Founder and CEO of Mileslife.

“With Mileslife Health, our users are able to convert their steps into actual rewards, acting as a natural incentive for users to clock in more steps while earning airlines miles at the same time.  It is our aim to help our users integrate accumulation of miles into their day to day life and we are taking it one step further with Mileslife Health.”

Mileslife HealthHow it works

  1. A minimum of 5,000 steps is required each day to redeem airline miles with the next tier of rewards at 10,000 and 20,000 steps. The more you walk, the more miles you’ll earn.
  2. Steps will be reset at midnight each day; miles must be redeemed in the Mileslife app before midnight SGT (UTC +8).
  3. An additional 10 miles will be awarded every week if the number of accumulated steps redeemed in one week exceeds 100,000 steps.
  4. On top of earning miles from hitting the daily steps target, double the miles when you spend with the Mileslife app.