Digital Debit Group Releases Retail-Grade QR App Powered by PayPal

Digital Debit Group Releases Retail-Grade QR App Powered by PayPal

by February 19, 2019

Ready to use upon download, without card swipers or terminal hardware, the Digital Debit app make its way to a ready marketplace. Newly-released in the Apple App Store, merchants and freelancers can now accept in-person payments for services rendered from millions of PayPal users.

While retail-grade in its functionality, the QR app with PayPal integration can also be used in a more casual way.  Family and friends can both pay and get paid with the Digital Debit app by using a PayPal linked bank account, or a credit or debit card without sharing e-mails and mobile numbers.  Could this be the debut of personal banking with limitless possibilities?  Without question, it’s a warm welcome to the simplification of mobile payments.

According to insiders, the opportunity to build Digital Debit with PayPal’s open developer platform will give the QR payment system a competitive boost in the QR payment space. It will begin its trek by representing a U.S.-built counterpart to successful Chinese-based QR payment apps such as Alipay and WeChat.

Edward Robles

Edward Robles

Edward Robles, the CEO of Digital Debit Group, said,

“It’s no secret that QR payments apps are growing in popularity in Asia.  Our retail-ready terminal app is designed for all types of users so it has the potential to reach global adoption. With that in mind, our PayPal-powered transaction platform is on target.”

Designed with simplified features, Digital Debit will connect with mobile payment users.  Features include a single panel operation for sending and receiving payments as well as the ability to personalize the app with custom background images.  Linked with PayPal accounts that users already possess, they can instantly access money they have received through mediums like the PayPal Debit MasterCard. With no time lost, account-to-account fund transfers are available to verified PayPal personal and business account users instantly after a transaction is made.

“We evaluated banking APIs to build our flagship Digital Debit app.  Through that evaluation, we found that PayPal offered an unmatched opportunity to make 23 switchable currencies accessible through an open and easy to use API and our end result further democratizes transactions. Anyone can put up a QR sign or present their App and obtain payment”,

adds Robles.

digital debit itunes app screenshot

iTunes app screenshot

Backed by a server-less infrastructure, the company’s integration of the PayPal API with the Digital Debit QR platform is built with the PCI DSS-compliant Amazon Web Services Lambda platform.

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Featured image credit: Digital Debit