UOB’s Thai Digital Bank TMRW to Enable Biometrics for Account Opening

UOB’s Thai Digital Bank TMRW to Enable Biometrics for Account Opening

by December 5, 2019

TMRW by UOB, a mobile-only bank in Thailand, today announced that it has enabled fingerprint and facial biometrics to make it speedier and safer for customers to open their TMRW accounts.

In doing so, TMRW claims that it is the first bank in Thailand to offer both forms of biometrics to enhance the account opening experience. TMRW customers are able to use the enhanced biometric capability at all 350 TMRW authentication kiosks, located in high foot-traffic areas across Greater Bangkok.

Mr Natee Srirussamee, Head of Retail Digital, UOB (Thai) said that

“At TMRW, we are committed to making banking simpler, more engaging and transparent for Thailand’s digital generation. We welcome our customers’ feedback as it gives us the opportunity to improve TMRW in ways that matter most to them. For example, a small percentage of customers using fingerprint biometrics to authenticate their account at TMRW kiosks found the experience not seamless enough so we enhanced this with the latest facial recognition technology to ensure a smoother account opening process for all.”

TMRW enhances its suite of features beyond biometrics

TMRW’s augmented biometrics capability is part of a suite of new features that the mobile-only bank has rolled out to enhance the customer experience. To do so, the Bank conducted surveys with more than 4,000 customers to understand more deeply how they engage with TMRW. TMRW then used those insights to improve its app so that it continues to be relevant to its customers’ needs and priorities.

For example, TMRW customers will be able to enjoy a refreshed user interface customised for Thailand’s digital generation. This includes streamlining the information that customers receive on their home page as well as reducing the number of steps required for customers to pay their bills and to manage their credit cards in real time.

“TMRW’s unique data-driven business model puts the customer at the centre of all we do. To create an experience that is always engaging for our customers, we will continue to learn from the data insights we gather from their transactions. As their needs and demands change over time, so will the way in which we engage with them,”

Mr Srirussamee said.


Featured image credit: Screengrab from Youtube