Singapore’s 30 Most Influential Fintech Experts and Social Media Gurus

Singapore’s 30 Most Influential Fintech Experts and Social Media Gurus

by July 15, 2016

Singapore is definitely the spot to keep an eye on when it comes to fintech in Asia. With one of the world’s most supportive governments in this regard, Singapore and its vibrant fintech ecosystem is growing fast and steadily.

Fintechnews has compiled a list of the 30 most influential fintech people in Singapore. These are the builders and disruptors, but also the social media gurus that you need to follow to keep track of the latest trends and hottest startups out there.

The list features those with the highest Klout Score and is manually and tool adjusted for the fintech influence. All scores are manually checked, if a klout connected account is suspicious and/or has too much fake followers the account will be banned.

Influence is the ability to drive action and the Klout Score aims at measuring the size of a user’s social media network by ranking users according to their online interactions. The system uses data points from a number of social networks including Twitter, taking into account elements such as following count, follower count, retweets, to determine one’s Klout Score.

The Klout Score range from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a higher ranking and influence. For a critical Klout discussion you can posts on SocialmediaToday or Wired.

Influence marketing has pressured organizations to seek out social media influencers. Having influencers discussing brand experience is crucial considering that 88% of buyers consider online reviews “very influential” when making a purchase decision.

Here are Singapore’s top 5 fintech influencers are:

1. Aman Narain

aman narain

Aman Narain (@amanwhotweets) is the CEO of BankBazaar International, India’s leading financial marketplace that offers instant access and quotes on loans, credit cards, savings and insurance products. Narain, a former Global Head of Digital Banking at Standard Chartered, also acts as a fintech mentor and a digital transformation advisor.

2. Scott Bales

scott bales

Scott Bales (@scottebales) is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and a technology specialist. Bales is also the managing director of Innovation Labs Asia, and the Industrial Relations Director of the Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups (ACCESS) in Singapore.

3. Nick Bilodeau

nick bilodeau

Nick Bilodeau (@FinMktg) is a financial services executive currently working as Head of Insurance, Canada at American Express and Executive Director at Quantum. Bilodeau tweets about strategy, innovation, marketing and fintech.

4. Fintech Singapore

fintech singapore

Fintech Singapore (@FintechSIN) curates fintech news from Singapore and Southeast Asia. It runs an online portal that covers regional news, featured interviews and events dedicated to fintech and the digitalization of banking and financial services industry.

5. Christian König

Christian Konig

Christian König (@finanzprodukt) is a digital consultant for financial products professional and a fintech expert based in Southeast Asia. A former Product Manager in Structured Products and ETF, König is the founder of Finanzpro Ltd. He consults Investment Banks and Fintech Startups in Switzerland and Southeast Asia. Moreover he teaches Digital Finance and Content Marketing for postgraduates and executives and is a regular fintech speaker.


Check out the full List here : The 30 Most Influential Fintech People in Singapore. Please not that this list is still in beta version and will be adjusted end of month.

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