Income Future Starter – First Insuretech Accelerator Programme in Singapore

Income Future Starter – First Insuretech Accelerator Programme in Singapore

by August 1, 2016

Today, Singapore’s first insurer Income announced the “Income Future Starter, powered by TAG.PASS“, a 11-week accelerator programme designed specifically for entrepreneurs that fast tracks the commercialisation of products and market access through mentorship and co-innovation. This joint programme with TAG.PASS is a collaboration with Infocomm Investments.

The programme comprises of 3 core phases:

– business model development and validation

– product development

– pitch for investments.

Start-ups will go through intensive training and guidance where they are expected to conduct field interviews, problem-solution validation, rapid prototyping, storyboarding, software and hardware development, growth hacking, marketing, branding, sales and business pitching amongst others.

Income Future Starter-benefits

Benefits for Successful Applicants

Income Future Starter aims to bring about the next big thing with innovative solutions that can capture opportunities based on problems worth solving in the areas of insurance, business analytics, and healthcare.

Income Future Starter

Several specific areas to be featured in Future Starter

US$21,000 will be granted (without giving up equity)  to maximum 12 shortlisted start-ups. These entrepreneus will accelerate their innovative products and/or services at BASH, a startup space in Singapore’s famed Block 71 area.

If you are a start-up that shares our vision to enhance the accessibility of insurance to customers (including the underserved and unserved communities), as well as, to improve user experience and create new innovative business models, apply now for Future Starter HERE until Oct. 09, 2016. There will be recruitment roadshows in Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea in September.

Income Future Starter important-dates

Future Starter – Important Dates