Wise Goes Live on Temenos for Transparent, Real-Time Remittance to Banks Worldwide

Wise Goes Live on Temenos for Transparent, Real-Time Remittance to Banks Worldwide

by May 19, 2021

Swiss banking software company Temenos announced that Wise, a London-based online money transfer service formerly known as TransferWise, is now live on Temenos MarketPlace.

The Temenos MarketPlace comprises over 50 curated fintech solutions, enabling Temenos’ clients to innovate and differentiate quickly.

The addition of Wise Platform, which is its infrastructural solution for banks, enables Temenos customers to quickly and easily switch on Wise’ trusted cross-border payments within their digital banking platform.

Temenos customers will have seamless access to Wise’ technology through Temenos Infinity digital banking platform and Temenos Transact next-generation core banking product.

The Wise solution is pre-integrated for rapid implementation and time-to-value.

Adding Wise to their digital platform, financial institutions can offer a convenient, fast and transparent international money transfer experience to attract and retain retail and business customers.

Wise enables payments to 80 countries around the world where 38% of all global transfers are reportedly delivered under 20 seconds.

Stuart Gregory, MD, Wise Platform & Wise Business

Stuart Gregory

Stuart Gregory, MD, Wise Platform and Wise Business said,

“We share Temenos’ ambition to modernize the international financial system. Though an email today travels around the world in a matter of seconds, for virtually nothing, moving money internationally is still incredibly slow and expensive.


We want to change this status quo and make moving money as fast, quick and affordable as sending an email. Joining the Temenos MarketPlace brings us one step closer to achieving this mission. We are thrilled to be joining Temenos in building better experiences for banks, financial institutions and their customers.”

Martin Bailey, Product Director, Temenos

Martin Bailey

Martin Bailey, Product Director, Temenos said,

“Together with Wise, we are making banking better. Wise brings a truly borderless experience to international banking and payments.


We’re thrilled to offer Wise Platform on Temenos MarketPlace so that our clients can leverage Wise’s unique network and infrastructure to ultimately offer faster, fairer international banking experiences to their customers.”