Aleta Planet Partners Tencent to Offer Remittance From Singapore to China

Aleta Planet Partners Tencent to Offer Remittance From Singapore to China

by December 8, 2021

Singaporean payments service provider Aleta Planet has partnered with Tencent Financial Technology to enable local residents to remit money to Weixin users in China.

Aleta Planet said that this is the first time Tencent Financial Technology has partnered with a Singaporean fintech for cross border transfer of funds

The service rides on Aleta Planet’s proprietary technology allowing residents to send money in a safe, secure, and speedy manner and at a lower cost than through conventional methods.

Customers who wish to use the remittance service need to sign up for an Aleta Planet/Nestia digital card and perform the remittance to Weixin users in China.

Founded in 2014, Aleta Planet also provides card issuance and merchant acquisition for various card networks including UnionPay International, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Visa and MasterCard.

It is also Weixin Pay and PayNow enabled.

Ryan Gwee, Chairman and Group CEO of Aleta Planet

Ryan Gwee

Ryan Gwee, Founder and Group Chairman of Aleta Planet said,

“We are honoured to partner Tencent Financial Technology in this innovative solution to make it easier for residents to remit funds to China.


Wenhui Yang

Wenhui Yang

Aleta Planet will continue to innovate and seek new partners in our mission to make cashless payments more accessible and affordable for individuals and businesses.”

Wenhui Yang, General Manager, Tencent Financial Technology Asia Pacific said,

“The Covid situation in recent years had led to an increase in demand for remittance services into China.


We are committed to partnering with innovative partners like Aleta Planet globally to innovate and improve the remittance experience for Chinese citizens residing worldwide,”