InterSystems Rolls Out a Suite Solutions Powered by Smart Data Fabrics

InterSystems Rolls Out a Suite Solutions Powered by Smart Data Fabrics

by March 28, 2022

Data technology provider InterSystems has launched a suite of new solutions that will help financial institutions become more agile, make faster, more informed decisions, and respond better to changing customer expectations.

The Business 360, Customer 360, Institutional Client 360, and Cloud Fintech Gateway solutions have been developed to meet the varying needs of different audiences within the financial services ecosystem.

This includes large and mid-tier financial services organisations, software vendors and fintechs.

The solutions use next-generation data management technology and a new architectural approach known as a smart data fabric.

They provide financial services organisations with a real-time, consistent view of information from distributed internal and external sources, including real time streaming data.

The solutions are ideal for complex data environments because they remove the limitations, complexities, and delays associated with previous approaches such as data lakes and warehouses.

This lets financial services firms make faster, more informed business decisions.

Michael Hom

Michael Hom

Michael Hom, Head of Financial Services Solutions, InterSystems said,

“Most financial services firms have an enormous volume of data at their disposal, yet are unable to fully leverage it to innovate and drive their businesses forward. Our new suite of solutions was designed with financial organisations of all sizes and their unique challenges in mind.


The use of smart data fabrics enables them to connect disparate data sources, be in a better position to innovate, and respond to changing customer needs in an ever-evolving business landscape.”