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InterSystems Rolls Out a Suite Solutions Powered by Smart Data Fabrics

Data technology provider InterSystems has launched a suite of new solutions that will help financial institutions become more agile, make faster, more informed decisions, and respond better to changing customer expectations. The Business 360, Customer 360, Institutional Client 360, and

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How Do You Approach Your Data in a New Way by Making It Smarter

In the era of rising customer expectations and savvier consumers, financial organisations are under increased pressure to provide customers with hyper-personalised experiences. In fact, more than half of customers expect to always have personalised offers and 66 percent expect companies

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4 Key Considerations For Wealth Managers Looking to Unlock the Value of Data

When we talk about wealth management today in fintech, more often we’re talking about how to create wealth: goal setting, risk profile management, or simply investment management overall. But Dr. Sekar Jaganathan, Director of Digital Strategy in Kenanga Bank opines

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