DBS PayLah! Users Can Now Scan UnionPay QR Codes to Pay in 45 Countries

DBS PayLah! Users Can Now Scan UnionPay QR Codes to Pay in 45 Countries

by June 22, 2022

DBS PayLah! users can now make payments to retailers in 45 countries using UnionPay’s QR Code payment option. DBS is the first Singapore bank to enable this service.

The service is the result of a collaboration between DBS, UnionPay International (UPI), and the Network for Electronic Transfers (NETS).

It seamlessly integrates UnionPay’s payment network with DBS PayLah! through a unified API and taps on NETS’s payment network.

When using DBS PayLah! to pay overseas, the app automatically handles the transaction’s currency conversion.

DBS PayLah! is an everyday app with 2.2 million users for getting rides, booking tickets, ordering meals and more.

Anthony Seow DBSAnthony Seow, Head of Payments & Platforms, DBS Consumer Banking Group (Singapore) said,

“With UnionPay QR Code payment now available to DBS PayLah! users, this will be the first instance of Singapore consumers being able to use a local app to perform QR Code payments overseas – and with 31 million retailers to boot.


It’s a staggering milestone not just for DBS and UPI, but also for Singapore consumers who now have another simple, seamless, and secure way to pay both locally and overseas. Singaporeans can now scan and pay their way as they travel across the globe with DBS PayLah!.”

Huiming Cai

Huiming Cai

“DBS PayLah! is the most commonly used mobile wallet for Singapore residents. We are very pleased to collaborate with DBS to enable DBS PayLah! for scanning UnionPay QR Code. Local residents are well travelled and many have been taking advantage of more borders opening up to satisfy their wanderlust.


I have no doubt that the DBS PayLah! app will come in very handy when they are travelling to their favourite destinations, conveniently using it to scan UnionPay QR Code for cashless payment instead of paying in clunky foreign currencies,”

said Huiming Cai, General Manager, UnionPay International South East Asia.