17 Interesting Upcoming Digital Finance and Fintech Events in Asia

17 Interesting Upcoming Digital Finance and Fintech Events in Asia

by February 6, 2017

With Asia catching up on the fintech revolution, it has become an imperative for the financial services industry to get familiarized with the emerging fintech trends that are transforming their businesses.

A number of fintech events are being organized in the region all aimed at bringing together policymakers, government agencies, bankers and fintech entrepreneurs, to share and discuss changing consumer trends, the new, emerging disruptive technologies, as well as the overall digitalization of finance and banking.

Today, we take a look at some of the most anticipated fintech events, conferences and workshops happening in Asia in the coming months. Main focus are events in Hong Kong and Singapore.


Asia Mobile Commerce and Card-Linking Forum

Asia Mobile Commerce and Card-Linking Forum

Feb. 07, 2017

ANA InterContinental Tokyo, Japan

The Asia Mobile Commerce and Card-Linking Forum conference in Tokyo will bring together leading companies from Japan, South Korea and China that are leading the re-invention of digital commerce using card-linking in Tokyo. The event will cover key global trends in card-linking and digital commerce, personalized card linked offers, loyalty programs, among other topics.


Insurance Claims & Underwriting Management Asia Summit 2017

Insurance Claims & Underwriting Management Asia Summit 2017

Feb. 14-16, 2017


Equip Global’s Insurance Claims & Underwriting Management Asia Summit 2017 will bring together global leaders to discuss on how insurers and reinsurers can improve customer experience during the claims and underwriting process, enhance operational efficiency and the claims/underwriting processes and quality, harness technology for their businesses, among other topics.

The event will be focused around real life case studies and lessons learned and provide an exclusive platform to network and share insights.


AML & Financial Crime Asia Summit 2017 (10% Discount Code: “FINTECH_10”)

AML & Financial Crime Asia Summit 2017

Feb. 21-22, 2017

Fairmont Singapore and Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore

Part of the 2017 Financial GRC Week, the AML & Financial Crime Asia Summit will bring together banks, financial institutions, payment platforms, central banks, financial investigation units and government agencies to discuss the best practices on combating financial crime – from forming collaborative public-private-partnerships, uncovering the latest threats in AML, frauds, cybercrimes to how financial institutions can leverage technologies such as blockchain, data analytics in their fight against financial crime.


Financial Compliance Asia Summit 2017 (10% Discount Code: “FINTECH_10”)

Financial Compliance Asia Summit 2017

Feb. 21-22, 2017

Fairmont Singapore and Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore

Another event that is part of the 2017 Financial GRC Week, the Financial Compliance Asia Summit 2017 will cover the latest regulatory updates, explore effective compliance processes and review practical risks management strategies to enhance compliance organizations. The event will give participants the opportunity to network with like-minded peers and learn from industry experts on how to comply in the era digital globalization.


Mobile Money & Agent Banking Summit 2017 (10% Discount Code: ” JC-FNSG”)

Mobile Money & Agent Banking Summit 2017

Feb. 21-22, 2017

ParkRoyal Yangon Hotel, Myanmar

The Mobile Money & Agent Banking Summit 2017, organized by Magenta Global, will take place in February 2017 in Yangon, Myanmar, and will bring together the region’s leading entrepreneurs, bankers, policymakers and thought leaders to discuss new consumer trends, opportunities and technologies that are transforming the banking and mobile finance industry.


iFX EXPO Asia 2017

iFX EXPO Asia 2017

Feb. 21-23, 2017

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, China

The iFX EXPO Asia 2017 will bring together over 80 exhibitors and sponsors, and more than 2,500 expected attendees to discuss the future of the finance industry. The two-day event will cover regulatory updates, news, changes, shifts and development in technology that are transforming the industry through a number of panels, keynotes and workshops.


3-Day Masterclass Payments (10% Discount Code: “FLHP”)


Feb. 27-Mar. 01, 2017


At the 3-Day Masterclass in Cards and Payments, an expert trainer from Terrapinn Training will walk participants through the world of the global cards and payments industry. The masterclass will cover the dynamics of modern cards and payments, emerging markets, fraud, mobile payments and operational issues.


Financial Innovations Asia Summit

Financial Innovations Asia Summit

Mar. 14-16, 2017

Hong Kong, China

Organized by Inspira and Beacon Events, the Financial Innovations Asia Summit will provide exclusive news on the most effective, inspiring, and innovative ideas in the fintech industry.

The event will offer the market a highly focused business and industry perspective, and will showcase real business issues and decisions required to cope with emerging technologies and changes in business operations.


The Future of Digital Banking: Asia Pacific 2017 (20% Discount with Code “SMK02FNS20”)

Future of Digital Bank Asia Pacific

Mar. 21-22, 2017

Suntec, Singapore

The Future of Digital Banking: Asia Pacific will bring together over 150 bankers from the Asia Pacific region and beyond to share insights and discover innovations in banking for the digital age.

This banking conference will provide a platform for key decision makers at global incumbents, local banking players and startups to share the most exciting developments in banking and how it will affect the future for banks, fintechs and the customer.

Get 20% discount on all tickets with the code “SMK02FNS20”.


FinTechStage Inclusion Forum 2017 (20% Discount Code: “FIF2016_FINTECHNEWS_20”)

FinTechStage Inclusion Forum 2017

Mar. 22-24, 2017

Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia

Sponsored by the Gates Foundation and the Omidyar Network, the FinTechStage Inclusion Forum will focus on fostering constructive dialogue in order to eradicate financial exclusion.

The event aims at creating and showcasing best regulatory practices leading to financial inclusion as well as boosting investment and development of innovative services and solutions to support financial inclusion.


Self-Service Banking Asia 2017

Self-Service Banking Asia 2017

Mar. 22-23, 2017

Manila, the Philippines

Self-Service Banking Asia 2017, formerly known as Southeast Asia ATMs, is the only dedicated ATM and self-service banking conference in Asia.

This year’s conference will be held in Manila, the Philippines, and will bring together over 300 banks, processors, ATM hardware and software vendors, CIT companies and other service providers to explore the latest technology trends and the evolution of self-serving banking.


3-Day Masterclass Foundation Blockchain (10% Discount Code: “YQGB”)

3-Day Masterclass Foundation Blockchain

Mar. 26-28, 2017


With the growing interest in Bitcoin and its impact into the global marketplace, the 3-Day Masterclass Foundation Blockchain workshop by Terrapinn Training will take on an advanced level understanding of the structures of the blockchain and how Bitcoin created the world’s first and only working Blockchain.


SME Banking Asia Summit 2017

SME Banking Asia Summit 2017

Mar. 27-30, 2017


In March, SME Banking Asia Summit series will return to Singapore to bring together leaders from the top SME banks across Asia to discuss SME financing.

The event will place great emphasis on unsecured lending through addressing its conventional business risks characterized by lacking credit data, potentially high NPL rates, sophisticated segmenting strategies, challenging processes of products development and relationship management, among other topics.


Financial Inclusion Summit Asia 2017

Financial Inclusion Summit Asia 2017

Apr. 18-19, 2017

Suntec, Singapore

The Financial Inclusion Summit Asia 2017 conference will be a two-day dedicated to discuss critical challenges and best practices on increasing financial inclusion in the region.

The event will include insightful case studies and thought provoking panel discussions within a curated leadership focus on sub-sectors of financial inclusion such as microinsurance and fintech.


Seamless Asia 2017 (10% Discount with Code “KFJW”)


Apr. 19-20, 2017

Suntec, Singapore

Taking place in Singapore, Seamless Asia 2017 will bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, banks and retailers for three key conferences: Seamless payments; Seamless e-commerce; and Seamless retail.

The two-day event will cover the region’s top news and updates on the payments and e-commerce industries, as well as the retail space movements, innovations and transformations that are redefining commerce. Get 10% Discount with Code “KFJW“.


3-Day Masterclass Blockchain 2.0 (10% Discount Code: “QDWN”)

3-Day Masterclass Blockchain 2.0

Jul. 24-26, 2017


Terrapinn Training’s 3-Day Masterclass Blockchain 2.0 course will provide businesses and professionals with a working understanding of blockchain technology and a grasp of the landscape so they can prepare themselves for one of the greatest technology revolution since the world wide web.

The course will cover the top blockchain 2.0 projects, the potential risks and opportunities of blockchain, smart contracts, decentralized autonomous organizations, decentralized apps, among other key topics.


TechX 2017 (10% Discount with Code “LNMK”)

TechX 2017

Sep. 6-7, 2017

Suntec, Singapore

Aimed at facilitating the digital revolution, TechX 2017 is a large conference with an agenda that will focus on eight vertical industries, including resources, agriculture, factories, logistics, transport and cities, and eight emerging technologies: the Internet-of-Things, drones, 3D, artificial intelligence, GPS, robotics, blockchain, data and cybersecurity.

The conference will feature 250 speakers and is expected to attract around 3,700 attendees. Get 10% Discount with Code ” LNMK”