Airwallex Rolls Out Startup Support Programme in Australia

Airwallex Rolls Out Startup Support Programme in Australia

by May 2, 2024

Global payments firm Airwallex has launched “Airwallex for Startups,” a new initiative aimed at supporting the growth of Australian startups.

The programme offers a variety of resources, including practical financial management tools, networking opportunities, and content designed to help new businesses expand more effectively and efficiently.

“Airwallex for Startups” is freely available to any registered business in Australia with between 2 to 100 employees, offering them the means to scale up their operations faster and more efficiently.

The programme includes exclusive product offers from Airwallex and other partners in the startup ecosystem.

Additionally, participants have the chance to compete for a Business Acceleration Grant worth AUD $10,000.

Upon joining, startups gain access to numerous financial incentives for the first six months.

These benefits include an AUD $50,000 waiver on payment acceptance fees to help onboard their first customers and AUD $50,000 in free foreign exchange services for their next capital raise, with AUD $0 fees and 0% margin on the first AUD $50,000 in FX conversions.

Moreover, the programme provides free employee cards for co-founders, further aiding startups in managing their expenses from the outset.

Furthermore, “Airwallex for Startups” offers guidance on essential business aspects such as money management, helping entrepreneurs lay solid financial foundations critical to long-term success.

This launch comes at a time when over 406,000 new businesses were established in Australia in 2023 alone, reflecting the country’s robust environment for startups.

For more details on the program, interested startups can visit the Airwallex website.

Matthew Sek

Matthew Sek

“As a homegrown startup turned global fintech, we have an important role to play in supporting Australian startups as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of growing a business. Airwallex for Startups has been designed to unlock growth opportunities for tomorrow’s unicorns.


Whether it’s connecting them with mentors, VCs or partners, giving them a $50k payment acceptance fee waiver to onboard their first customers, or sharing templates and tools to simplify their finance function, this is the go-to programme for ambitious startups.”

said Matthew Sek, VP SME & Growth at Airwallex.