Author: Paolo Sironi


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IBM Thought Leader - Wealth Management FinTech Analytics. Former Banker and Technology Expert | Author FinTech Innovation and Portfolio Management | IBM Thought Leader | Experienced Risk Manager | Keynote Speaker | FinTech Entrepreneur.

The tectonic fault of the FinTech revolution is drifting but its epicentre is in Seattle, not Silicon Valley! Amazon is tiptoeing into banking businesses and partners with Wells Fargo to provide student loans to Prime Student customers. #AmazonLoan We have largely discussed about the transformation of financial services on a global scale, and highlighted some of the differences between the Asian rise of FinTech (especially mainland China, which is dominated by TECH giants such as Alibaba), and the US/EU model for innovation, where VC backed FinTechs are fiercely chasing the banking elephant. The game is now changing! Established TECH players…

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