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10 years Blockchain. The Race is on: Blockchain vs. Tangle vs. Hashgraph

In a few months we will join the chorus of well-wishers and collectively sing «Happy birthday, dear Blockchain!». Yes, indeed, on October 31st 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto published his famous white paper describing the Blockchain. So, the Blockchain will officially turn

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You got it wrong: There is no currency battle “Crypto vs. Fiat”

Every so often I come across articles such as “7 Reasons Why Bitcoins Are Better Than Fiat Currencies” and thread headlines in discussion forums such as “This is why we hate fiat currency and why cryptocurrency should prosper”. What authors

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Lessons From Swiss Payment Initiative Twint

In Switzerland a consortium made up by some of the country’s largest banks such UBS, Credit Suisse, Postfinance etc. attempts to introduce a new mobile payment system and digital wallet by the name of Twint. So far it has failed

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