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Research Highlights Top Tech Trends in APAC to Watch out for in 2020

In Asia Pacific (APAC), #blockchain was in the top five most used hashtags around banking this year, with respondents in Malaysia being more likely than those in other countries to vote it as the most transformative of 2020, according to

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The Most Well-Funded Fintech Startups in APAC by Country in 2019

Global fintech investment witnessed a massive surge in 2018 with most of that amount going towards companies in Asia Pacific (APAC). Out of the US$55.3 billion raised by fintech companies last year, 54% of that was raised by APAC companies,

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How DBS and OCBC Global Leadership Shows Singapore’s Success in Open Banking

Singapore’s DBS Bank and OCBC are regional leaders in fintech and pioneers in open banking according reports from Accenture and Innopay Open Banking Monitor. The positioning of these banks gives us a good sense of where Singapore stands in the global

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