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A Definitive Guide to Southeast Asia’s Payments Scene

In fintech’s genesis across Asia, it seemed like all of the new developments were focused on streamlining payments without coincidence, around the time that e-commerce experienced its boom too. Now, that trend seems to be making a grand return with

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Meet 15 Fintech Influencers in the Philippines

Perhaps  the usual impression of an influencer would mean a person that you can tap into or refer to for marketing purposes either to improve sales or help in educating and convincing target consumers or investors for your business. Indeed

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Philippine Banks on Fintech: What are They Doing?

Now seen by many as inevitable, the consolidation and cooperation between traditional banks and fintech players are becoming more frequent in the Philippines. No less than the Philippine central bank or Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has constantly been urging

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