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Competition Heats up in Vietnam’s Mobile Payment Landscape

Competition for Vietnam’s young, digitally savvy population is heating up in the mobile wallet and digital payment space. Over the past year, no less than 9 non-bank organization joined the sector and regulatory changes introduced in 2020 could very well

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How Past Lessons in Digital Payments Can Help Banks Navigate in the New Normal

The past couple of decades have seen a complete upheaval in where we buy things and how we pay for them. New technologies have led to huge shifts in consumer behavior and expectation, while businesses have benefitted from faster and

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Singapore Financial Regulator Releases Updated Guide for ICOs

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the city state’s central bank and financial regulator, has released an update to its guide for businesses looking to raise money through initial coin offerings (ICOs). The paper, titled A Guide to Digital Token

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