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Sending Money Home to Myanmar Can Be Cheaper and Less Illegal with Blockchain

The central bank governors in both Thailand and Myanmar has just granted their blessing to the KTB Shewbank, a remittance project that uses blockchain to help reduce costs for Myanmarians in Thailand looking to send money back home to their

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Bangkok Bank InnoHub Program: Fintech Thailand 4.0

Bangkok Bank InnoHub, a 12-week acceleration program by Bangkok Bank and Bualuang Ventures powered by Hong Kong-based venture capital firm and accelerator Nest, aims to facilitate collaborations between startups and commercial banks in Southeast Asia. The program, launched earlier this

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Latest Blockchain Fundings in Southeast Asia

Blockchain startups have raised about US$358 million in venture capital in 2017 so far, with much of this sum going towards North American and European startups. Meanwhile, initial coin offerings (ICOs) raised nearly four times more, or about US$1.3 billion.

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