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Top 5 Fintech Philippines News of the Week (CW 37)

Fintechnews.PH picks every Friday for you the top 5 Fintech Philippines News of the week: Here we go:   PayMaya pushes for more cashless-transaction solutions DIGITAL-payments provider PayMaya Philippines has rolled out mobile-payment technologies in over 350 business establishments enabled

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Fintech Solutions for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are ever more numerous. They have special needs, notably in terms of financial services. Thankfully, fintech startups are coming up with clever solutions that are not just only cheaper than those provided by traditional banking and financial services

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9 Fintech Solutions For SMEs In Singapore

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), dealing with their finances and ensuring appropriate funding can be a real struggle. The reasons are manifold: finances of SMEs are characterized by high complexity, yet are low scale. Thankfully, the rise of fintech

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