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Top 10 Money Transfer Apps in Asia

For many developing countries in the world, remittances play a key role in their economies, contributing to economic growth and to the livelihoods of those nations. In 2016, more than US$440 billion went to developing countries that involved 250 million

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Remtech Providers In Asia You Need To Know

Remtech, the contraction of the words remittance and technology, refers to the use of digital channels and platforms for international money transfers. The increase in use of mobile phones and technology is providing an avenue for fintech developments in remittance.

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TransferWise Chooses Singapore as APAC Hub; Launches Service in the City-State

TransferWise, Europe’s leading money transfer service, is launching in Singapore where it is working with DBS Bank. The company has chosen the city-state as its Asia Pacific (APAC) hub and expects to have 30 employees by the end of 2017,

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