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“Blood and Sand”: The Moment-of-Truth for Mobile Wallets in Asia

“The Deed of the Dying” Many ‘digital wallet” companies in Asia (ex. China) are finding it hard to demonstrate any meaningful value for the users. Wallet Players have experimented with various business models to monetize, but primary focus thus far has

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Fintech (Startup) Of The Month: TransferTo, A Cross-Border Mobile Payments Network

TransferTo is a leading B2B mobile payment network and airtime hub serving the likes of Western Union, PayPal, Xoom, 7 Eleven, WorldRemit, Tigo mobile money and MoneyGram. TransferTo interconnects financial institutions and mobile operators globally, linking over 4.5 billion mobile

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Top 10 Southeast Asian Blockchain, Bitcoin Startups

The bitcoin craze has gone well beyond the US and Europe. In Africa, startups such as BitPesa are revolutionizing the remittance market, enabling cheap and fast money transfers. In South America, bitcoin firm BitINKA announced in June its plans to

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