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Breaking Down Marketplace Borders

Anders la Cour, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Banking Circle explains how Banking Circle Marketplaces empowers global trade by helping PSPs that support marketplace merchants to access fast, affordable cross border payments. When a new business launches, payments are

Read More Launches Fintech Philippines Report and Map 2020

2019 saw a boom for the Philippines’ digital payments space, where e-money transactions jumped to 36% to reach PHP 760 billion in value, the strongest rise across all payments transaction types. E-money transactions growth surpassed credit card and debit card

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How Artificial Intelligence is Powering Asia’s Fraudtech Fight Against Financial Crime

Advances in technological fields including artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics are providing new ways for financial institutions and startups to combat the surge in fraud and financial crime resulting from the rise of digital banking and fintech. With governments across

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Asia’s Crypto Derivatives Market Overview and Infographic 2020

2020 has seen a major surge in product offerings catering to sophisticated and institutional investors in the crypto space. Exchanges around the world have recognised the importance of services such as institutional-grade custody, research & data analytics, prime brokerage and

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20/20 Hindsight Will Help Financial Institutions Around the World Fast-Track Digital Success

Just like in almost every other industry, financial institutions have been planning and implementing increased digitalisation for some years. However, the coronavirus crisis and resulting nationwide restrictions have undoubtedly accelerated the rate at which new tech and processes have been

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MAS Proposes New Regulations Amid Emerging Risks Arising from Digital Assets

Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), is proposing new regulations that it would give it more power to regulate the financial services industry, notably in the fields cybersecurity and virtual assets, the regulator said on July 21.

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Here Are The Contenders to Singapore’s Digital Banking Race

Singapore’s digital banking license was perhaps one of the most widely discussed topic in 2019 within fintech circles and we suspect 2020 will not be too different with MAS anticipated to issue licenses by mid-2020. There were many speculations as

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Which is the Top E-Wallet in Singapore?

iPrice Group collaborated with App Annie Intelligence to track top e-wallet in Singapore.The study pictures the developments of e-wallets or e-payment apps via vital app metrics such as Monthly Active Users (MAU) and total downloads in the past 8 quarters.

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Top 28 Fintech and Insurtech Innovation Labs in Singapore

Singapore, which has set out to become one of the leading fintech hubs in the world, has witnessed the establishment of dozens of innovations labs in recent years as banks and foreign tech firms are looking to capitalize on the

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