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5 Recent Fintech Startup Fundings in Southeast Asia

In 2016, deals to venture-backed Southeast Asian fintech startups rose 29% from 55 in 2015 to 71 in 2016. Meanwhile, dollars fell 12% from US$177 million in 2015 to US$158 billion in 2016 as deal growth was largely driven by

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Fintech In Personal Banking Landscape in Southeast Asia

After Singapore’s central bank made the decision in 2015 to turn the country into the fintech hub of Asia, fintech has suddenly become the new buzzword across the South East Asian region. South East Asia has long been at the

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GoBear Announces Philippines, HK and Vietnam Expansion Plans, Adds Personal Loans Comparison

GoBear, a Singaporean fintech company providing insurance and financial comparison services throughout Asia, has announced the addition of personal loans into its offerings as well as plans to further expand in the region, now eyeing Hong Kong, Vietnam and the

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