Singapore AI Startup Map 2018

Singapore AI Startup Map 2018

by October 22, 2018

Governments and private sectors from around the globe have caught the the artificial intelligence and machine learning bug.

Reflecting the same fervor for this, the Singaporean government particularly MAS has also announced its US$ 27 Million grant for artificial intelligence.

Of course that is hardly the only initiative from the Lion City, SGInnovate has also been seen doubling down on artificial intelligence as well.

However, despite concerted effort Singapore is reportedly falling behind in artificial intelligence adoption in most sectors expect in fintech where it is leading.

Is this a reflection of MAS’ initiatives bearing fruit? Perhaps. This list of AI startups in Singapore that we’ve found circulating the internet is a good gauge of the prevalence of AI in fintech.

Let’s zoom in into the AI startups in Singapore that are active in the fintech and finance space.



Leading Zhixin is committed to building the next generation of intelligent big data platform, using model algorithms and technologies to greatly enhance data and information processing capabilities, helping the traditional and emerging industries in the pan-Asia-Pacific region to achieve intelligent transformation and promote social progress.


CashShield is an online fraud management solution that helps enterprises manage their risk from fraudulent payments and accounts.

Kristal.AIKristals are digital portfolios of assets built using unique investment strategies.


Datarama is the one-stop source for hard-to-find information and risk analysis in Asia.




AIDA provides solutions that solve the key challenge of augmenting human experts ability to make decisions based on large amounts of heterogeneous information.



Tookitaki is building an intelligent decision support system (DSS) to help businesses take smarter decisions.

bambuBambu is a leading global provider of robo-advisory technology for businesses of every size and industry, from finance to commercial or even new disruptors, transforming the digital wealth space.

dathenaDathena is a Swiss and Singaporean company developing data governance software based on machine learning algorithms.

Active-aiActive.Ai, a Singapore Head Quartered Fintech startup with innovation lab in Bengaluru, through artificial intelligence (AI) that delivers conversational banking services to help banks and financial institutions redefine their future digital strategy.

sense infosysSense Infosys is an award-winning provider of intelligence products and advanced analytics solutions specializing in risks solutions. We virtualise data scientists by automating data acquisition from multi-model data sources, and delivering intelligence to support government and businesses to make superior anticipatory decisions.

Bluefire aiBlueFire AI delivers revenue-generating Signals for the Capital Markets Industry.

Hearti Lab was born out of the realization that there was a void in the corporate and personal insurance sector: the lack of a low-cost, full-featured A.I. platform for insurance management.

Chatbots / Assistants

EvieEvie schedules meetings and interviews, handles multiple timezones, books meeting rooms, tracks to-dos, updates Salesforce and gives you insights and analytics for optimization. is an artificial intelligence startup that specialises in deep natural language processing. We develop the underlying algorithm that powers “smart chatbot” , i.e. the ones that understand the semantics of an entire sentence and retains contextual memory, thus making conversations more “human-like” . We are currently serving Global Fortune 500 companies across Asia.

Botbot.AI is a productivity solution that automates business workflows and augments teams using chat as an interface.


KeyReply is a AI company that specializes in virtual assistants and chat automation for enterprises to engage both internal and external customers.