Standard Chartered Rolls Out Financial Planning Tool With BetterTradeOff

Standard Chartered Rolls Out Financial Planning Tool With BetterTradeOff

by April 13, 2021

Standard Chartered Bank announced the launch of its online financial planning solution named SC Goals Planner that was developed in collaboration with Singapore-based fintech BetterTradeOff.

Available on SC Online Banking and SC Mobile, users will be able to independently plan and track their financial goals through real-life simulations and insights specific to their life stages and financial status.

The tool accounts for total household income, allowing clients to include loved ones in their financial plans and better take control of their finances.

With SC Goals Planner, Standard Chartered clients can simulate key milestones and plan ahead which includes planning for goals such as property purchases, early retirement or funding a child’s education.

The bank added that it aims to simplify the financial planning processes as the solution leverages on advanced analytics that include details such as citizenship and other factors potentially affecting complicated local tax laws and financial rules.

Additionally, users will also be able to project how unexpected events such as unemployment, critical illness, or the sudden loss of the household’s main breadwinner, may impact a family’s ability to remain financially resilient and secure.

Eugene Puar, Head of Wealth Management, Singapore, ASEAN and South Asia said,

“SC Goals Planner leverages advanced data analytics and our digital capabilities so our clients can create a holistic snapshot of their finances, simulate and plan ahead for key financial milestones, and make data-led decisions when it comes to wealth planning.


Enhanced platform capabilities will be progressively rolled out to create an even more intuitive experience. This is one of the many steps we are taking to strengthen the client-bank wealth and financial planning dialogue.”

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BetterTradeOff, Laurent Bertrand SC Goals Planner

Laurent Bertrand

Laurent Bertrand, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BetterTradeOff said,

“Covid-19, and its widespread social and economic impact, has accelerated the need for digital solutions that provide improved accessibility – not only to financial products – but to sound financial advice as well.


It’s about enabling financial inclusion, and giving people the tools to plan and achieve better and more secure futures. Having a market leader, like Standard Chartered, provide this solution to their customers for free, is a huge step in this direction.”