KASIKORN’s Tech Arm Is Now a Member of the MIT Media Lab

KASIKORN’s Tech Arm Is Now a Member of the MIT Media Lab

by March 14, 2022

KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG) announced that it has become a Consortium Research Lab Member at the MIT Media Lab to conduct frontier tech research for next-generation financial services.

The MIT Media Lab is an academic research institute where US domestic and international corporations and organisations collaborate to conduct interdisciplinary research for “creating a better future.”

It applies a consortium model to promote active discussion, information, and research projects with faculty, researchers, students, and external collaborators.

KBTG said that it will also be the first Thailand-based company to send its researcher to the MIT Media Lab.

Through this collaborative effort, KBTG will be a part of strengthening Thailand’s development at the regional scale.

The collaboration was sparked by a conversation with Pat Pataranutaporn, the first Thai Ph.D. student in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab, who has conducted research in human-AI interaction and personalised education.

Ruangroj Poolpol

Ruangroj Poolpol

Ruangroj Poolpol, Group Chairman of KBTG said,

“This membership will allow KBTG and the MIT Media Lab to collaborate on frontier tech research of common interest, and to share technical knowledge.


This collaborative effort is consistent with KBTG’s commitment to increasing its technical capabilities and innovation ability and conducting research to further accelerate innovation for the maximum benefit.

Mirei Rioux

Mirei Rioux

Mirei Rioux, Director of External Relations at MIT Media Lab said,

“KBTG and the MIT Media Lab share a belief in multidisciplinary research and a focus on solving technological, social, and global challenges at several levels in an open-learning environment to create real-world impacts for society.


This collaboration will allow both sides to expand their scope of research while also allowing the Media Lab to explore and address challenging social issues in Thailand and Southeast Asia.”

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