7 Singapore FinTech Startups on Instagram

7 Singapore FinTech Startups on Instagram

by June 20, 2017

It’s probably not the first social media platform you would think of when it comes to FinTech startups, but Instagram is becoming an important place to be seen. So, let’s just get right to the point here without wasting any time – which Singapore FinTech startups out of the Top 30 Lists are on Instagram and what is their account name?



  • Category: Lending.

  • Instagram account: @moolahsense

  • Followers: 149.

  • Founded: 2013.

The goal of MoolahSense is to make it easier for the investor community to link up with businesses which require loans for expansion, new equipment, and so on. The minimum investment is fairly standard at $1,000, and the minimum funds a business can raise is $100,000.


  • Business category: Crowdfunding.

  • Instagram account: @fundedhere

  • Followers: 35.

  • Founded: 2015.

Equity crowdfunding gives investors a unique opportunity to invest in startups, and receive equity holdings in return. Also, offers the more traditional lending-based crowdfunding in which the funded company will repay the loan over a set period of time and interest rate.


  • Business category: Personal finance.

  • Instagram account: @tradehero

  • Followers: 301.

  • Founded: 2012.

Free stock market simulation app. Provides a “gamified” experience for users in order to help new users to gain valuable investment experience.


  • Business category: Insurance technology.

  • Instagram account: @policypal

  • Followers: 70.

  • Founded: 2016.

PolicyPal is a mobile app that seeks to streamline the process of buying and managing insurance policies. Allows users to see all of their insurance information at a glance, straight from their pocket.


  • Business category: Payments.

  • Instagram account: @kashminow

  • Followers: 214.

  • Founded: 2014.

Mobile payment processing app. Provides a service for users to send and receive money between friends, to settle a restaurant bill for example, and allows businesses to accept cashless transactions.

Call LevelsCall Levels

Monitor over 10,000 assets including Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Bitcoin for free. Available on iOS and Android!

  • Business category:

  • Instagram account: @call_levels

  • Followers: 555

  • Founded:


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