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What Happened to Fintech Singapore’s Previous Pick of Hottest Fintech Startups?

In mid 2016, after sifting through copious amounts of reports, studies and our own internal evaluations we’ve come up with a definitive list of the 30 hottest fintech startups in Singapore. (an updated list for 2019 is also available here)

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7 Singapore FinTech Startups on Instagram

It’s probably not the first social media platform you would think of when it comes to FinTech startups, but Instagram is becoming an important place to be seen. So, let’s just get right to the point here without wasting any

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Kashmi Launches 360° Digital Banking Product For Southeast Asia

Kashmi, a Singaporean social payment app, has announced it will be launching Southeast Asia’s ‘360° fully digital banking product’ in Q1 2017. Developed from its existing offering, Kashmi will become a social, mobile, all-in-one neo-banking product designed to fit seamlessly

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