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AirAsia Rolls Out Financial Marketplace “Airasia Money” in Indonesia

AirAsia announced that it has rolled out a marketplace for financial products called ” airasia money” in Indonesia. Integrated within the AirAsia superapp, airasia money is a marketplace for financial products that offers a wide range of affordable financial offerings

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Podcast: AirAsia and Payoneer Speak About the Digital Evolution in APAC

The evolution of digital transformation in APAC, accelerated by the pandemic and globalisation has been unprecedented in the last few years. To navigate this new world, and to shed more light on this topic, payments firm Payoneer partnered with the

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Asians Airlines and their Digital (Fintech) Experience

Airlines in Asia are expecting to churn  a US$7.4 billion profit this year. While regional travel is going strong, the industry is also highly competitive. As a result, some airlines have invested Fintech to improve the online booking experience. Fintechnews.sg

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