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Alipay+ Announces 2.5 Million Merchant Milestone at Singapore Fintech Festival

Ant Group’s Alipay+ announced during the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 that its merchant coverage has more than doubled to 2.5 million merchants. By sector, this includes over 1,000 online platforms, 10 major airports, 90,000 convenience stores, 360,000 restaurants, 200,000 taxis,

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Ant Group Launches Alipay+ Digital Store Solutions

Ant Group has officially launched Alipay+ D-store, a digitalisation solution for the service industry and brick-and-mortar businesses, at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022. Alipay+ D-store is described as a solution which businesses can use to build digital stores across multiple

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Philippines Remittance Market Gets a Booster from Blockchain-Powered Remittance Services

The Philippines’ remittance and international money transfer industry, the third largest globally, is getting a booster from two latest developments in blockchain-backed remittance services. They come from recent business partnerships done by Jack Ma’s Ant Financial Services Group (Ant) and

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