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Southeast Asia’s Underbanked Consumers and Businesses Embrace Alternative Financing Platforms

In Southeast Asia, digital financial services are contributing to advancing financial inclusion for both individual and business users, oftentimes arising as the last resort to secure much need financing, according to a new report by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative

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Fintech Lending to Drive Indonesia’s Economic Growth

As the world’s fourth most populous country in the world, with more than 60% of its population of working age, Indonesia has unique economic potential. However, one of the key elements needed for the country to reach its full economic

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New Alternative Lending and Micro Lending Players in Vietnam

Since 2013, consumer lending in Vietnam has increased strongly, driven by robust economic growth and a rising middle-class. Over 2014 – 2018, the top 11 Vietnamese banks, whose combined loans make up roughly 70% of system loans, had expanded their

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