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7 Recent Stories That Proves Singapore is a Leader in Fintech and Innovation

In Southeast Asia, Singapore has established itself as a fintech hub leading the way when it comes to investment and regulations. A combination of favorable rulings, supportive initiatives from both the private and public sector, an already dynamic startup ecosystem,

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Digital Consumers In Asia Surge By 50 Percent In One Year

According a 19 May report by Bain & Company, the number of digital consumers in the region has increased by 50 oercent to 200 million. This has helped the region’s internet economy balloon to more than $50 billion, the report

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Report Points Out US$100B Revenue Opportunity From Digital Economy For ASEAN

Like in other regions, digital technology is rapidly expanding its contribution to the economy in ASEAN-6 (i.e. Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam). While the digital revolution is expected to impact the overall economic landscape, Deloitte believes that consumer

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