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eKYC to Fuel Asia’s Digital Banking Revolution

In Southeast Asia, governments are pushing for greater adoption of digital financial services by introducing favorable regulations on digital onboarding, digital banking, and more, experts said on December 3, 2020. During a virtual panel discussion with Fintech News last week,

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The Evolution of eKYC and Digital Identity in The Age of Blockchain

Imagine an ecosystem where you control your data privacy, imagine ease of submitting your data via a click instead of multiple documents for verification, imagine the time and cost savings in commuting to regulatory bodies for proof of identification. In

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How Secure is our Digital Identity? A Blockchain View from Roberto Capodieci

The use of digital signatures is becoming more and more popular. We digitally sign company share transfers, public records, contracts, emails (PGP), and many other legally valid electronic documents. For those of you that use cryptocurrencies (paying with bitcoins an online purchase),

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