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Majority of APAC Consumers Prefer Remittance Services to Be Offered in a Super App

Six in ten consumers in Asia-Pacific (APAC) prefer to use digital-only solutions for their remittance and money movement needs, a trend that’s emerging on the back of changing consumer preferences and demand for greater convenience, better planning and improved inclusivity,

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IMF: Despite the Hype, Fintech Has Yet to Disrupt the Remittance Market

Despite enthusiasm surrounding the potential of fintech to disrupt the remittance market, evidence shows that there is a gap between the hype and the reality on the ground. In fact, and contrary to expectations, fintech companies are increasingly being entangled

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Digital Remittance Providers Eye Asia Pacific Markets

Asia is seeing the emergence of a booming community of remittance-focused tech companies. These companies leverage technology and digital platforms to disrupt the legacy remittance value chain, bringing greater convenience and lower-costs to cross-border money transfer. A new infographic produced

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