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Grab Participates in StraitsX’s Pilot Use of Tokenised Digital Vouchers at SFF 2022

Fazz financial group’s StraitsX and Grab are testing the issuance of Purpose Bound Money (PBM) with 5,000 trial participants during Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) as one of four trials under MAS’ Project Orchid. Participants will be able to utilise PBM

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StraitsX Pilots Three Stablecoin Applications at SFF to Showcase Real-World Use Cases

Crypto payment infrastructure company StraitsX is piloting a series of stablecoin applications at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 to showcase stablecoins’ real-world use cases and business benefits. The three use cases, done in collaboration with IDEMIA, The HBAR Foundation, Mastercard

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Xfers’s Digital Assets Platform StraitsX Rebrands, Hits SGD 2 Billion in Transactions

StraitsX, a Southeast Asian digital assets platform developed by Xfers, announced that it has surpassed the SGD 2 billion mark in digital assets-related transactions on its payment platform in 2021 and will be rebranding its platform. The new StraitsX platform

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