Terrapinn Training Launches Fintech Courses; Payments And Blockchain Tech At The Center Of Attention

Terrapinn Training Launches Fintech Courses; Payments And Blockchain Tech At The Center Of Attention

by October 31, 2016

Terrapinn Training will be hosting two fintech courses in November in Singapore: the 3 Day Master Class in Payments Disruptors and the 3 Day Masterclass Blockchain, two programs designed to dive into some of the hottest topics in fintech right now.

As the financial services industry undergoes massive digital disruption, a number of courses and programs have emerged in recent years to educate students and professionals on fintech and the impact of digital technologies on the industry.

The payments sector is without a doubt one of the hottest areas of fintech. Payments ventures have raised over US$910 million in funding across nearly 150 deals in the first half of 2016, according to CB Insights. PwC predicts massive changes in the payments landscape in the next decade to come, building on the accelerating growth in electronic payments and the advent of new and disruptive market players. The changes should be particularly noticeable in emerging markets.

The 3 Day Masterclass in Payments Disruptors, which will be running from November 28 to 30, 2016, will provide an overview of the payments industry and cover topics such as mobile payments, e-wallets, digital currencies as well as the cutting-edge technologies that are inventing the way people spend and store their money.

It was specifically designed to “give a basic grounding in the evolution of payments from barter through to the sophisticated methodologies of today” and help attendees better understand the impacts of digital technologies on the payments industry.

The program will run for three days with the following agenda:

Day 1 will be focused on providing a “Big Picture” introduction with topics that will include the payments markets and the disruptors.

Day 2 will be focused on the key technologies and players in the payments world today. Subjects will include the mobile ecosystem and mobile payments, NFC technology, QR codes, biometrics, among other topics.

Day 3 will be dedicated to digital banks and challenger banks. It will further provide an overview of some of the other disruptors in the fields of loyalty programs, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and car payments, among others.



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The 3 Day Masterclass Foundation Blockchain course will dive into the world of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The course, designed for C-level executives, developers, finance managers and regulators, aims at helping attendees better understand the industry, identity top blockchain 2.0 projects, understand smart contracts, decentralized autonomous organization and decentralized applications.

It will cover the mechanisms of Bitcoin, bitcoin as a currency, bitcoin mining, anonymity, community and politics, among many other topics. Workshops will also review the Bitcoin blockchain and provide insights onto what’s to expect in the industry in the near future.

Running from November 14 to 16, 2016, the program will consist of the following agenda:

Day 1 will focus on the fundamentals of blockchain technology with an overview and introduction to the industry. Key topics will include the fundamentals of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, wallets, bitcoin use cases as well as bitcoin for merchants.

Day 2 will focus on the Bitcoin and blockchain protocol. Subjects will include an explanation of proof-of-work and the blockchain protocol, the makeup of the blockchain and an introduction to blockchain transactions.

Day 3 will focus on bitcoin mining and miners with an explanations of the consensus mechanism, hard and soft forks, node functions and hash functions.


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With a market capitalization of over US$11 billion, bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in the market. It is followed by Ethereum and Ripple, with a market capitalization of US$917 million and US$281 million respectively.

Its underlying technology, the blockchain, has shaken up the financial services industry, enrolling a number of big names from Wall Street including Blythe Masters, Caitlin Long and Jacob Dienelt, and attracting over US$1.1 billion in venture capital investment so far, as of Q1 2016. According to Santander, blockchain technology could help banks save up to US$ 20 billion in infrastructure costs per annum by 2022.

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Featured image: Speaker at business workshop and presentation by Matej Kastelic, via Shutterstock.com.