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Transferring Ethereum Over A Simple Yet Secure Chat

Korean software developers NodBizware are working on a way to safely transfer Ethereum over encrypted messages. This will simplify the way cryptocurrency is being wired, said CEO Yun Seokgu. The hack of bitcoin exchange Mt Gox in 2014 resulted in

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Infographic of the Crypto Universe

⊃Cryptocurrencies are everywhere nowadays, but they are not all created equal. There have been so many failed coins that scrolling down the list on DeadCoins.com takes a while longer than you’d expect (seriously, take a look. It’s fascinating.) Most of them

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Digix Provides Users With Digital Tokens That Represent Legal Ownership of Assets

Combining the oldest form of money and one of the most cutting-edge technologies, commodity-backed digital currencies have been praised for allowing users to safely store assets such as gold on the blockchain. Unlike bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies which solely rely

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