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Top Singapore Fintech-News 7.- 21. February

Please find attached the Fintech Singapore Newsletter. Every 2 weeks we will summarize the most important Fintech News from Singapore and around Southeast Asia, including Studies, Events and Fintech Jobs. We will present in this edition interesting insides about the Fintech ecosystem in

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CtrlWorks – A Different Approach To Robotics

There seems to be an undeniable connection between FinTech and robotics, and it is only a matter of time until both industries collide. When thinking of the robotics concept, it is important to take its wide scope into consideration. So

Read More Announces Robo-Advisor for Singapore Targeted at Southeast Asian Millennials

Holding the promise of making investing easy, affordable and accessible to the greatest possible number of people, robo-advisors have already caused a stir in the UK and the US and are now winning market share in Asia. Infinity Partners, a

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Drastic Shifts in Behavior is Boosting Mobile Banking in Southeast Asia

Digital banking has become a serious business trend as Asian consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with using mobile and Internet channels for banking services. According to a report from McKinsey, the use of mobile and Internet channels for

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Blockchain in Capital Markets: Still Many Hurdles to Overcome, Says a New Report

In a new report entitled ‘Blockchain in Capital Markets: The Prize and the Journey,’ Euroclear and Oliver Wyman explore the merits of using blockchain technology in the capital markets, a technology that could potentially provide a new approach to data

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OCBC Bank Teams up with to Offer Lower Mortgage Rate

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC) is partnering with Singaporean personal finance portal to offer a lower rate mortgage package. The deal, a limited offer running for only 15 days starting today, consists in a fixed deposit-linked interest rate plan at

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Tagcash: Social Media, Payments and Loyalty Programs Combined into One Platform

UK native entrepreneur is looking to provide a solution for micropayments in Southeast Asia, starting with the Philippines. With Tagcash Ltd. Inc., founder and president Mark Vernon is offering a platform and ecosystem that combines social media and payment functionalities.

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Fintech in Thailand: Central Bank Governor Boosting the Use of Electronic Payments to Bolster Competitiveness

Fintech in Thailand: The Bank of Thailand (BOT) is looking to boost the use of electronic and e-payment as the governor believes that these methods will be crucial to the competitiveness of the Thai economy since they will reduce transaction

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BitGold: Save in Gold, Spend with a Debit Card

With the global economy increasingly showing signs of weakness, more people are considering gold as a safe haven. Thankfully, with platforms such as BullionVault and Bitgold now available, gold is no longer a reserve of the rich and literally anyone

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Payoneer Allows Global Companies to Make Cross-Border Payments Quickly, Securely and at Reduced Cost

Payoneer brings in one place a number of payment options and allows online marketplaces and global companies to transfer fund and pay service providers located in various parts of the world in a faster manner, at lower fees and with

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