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Why Rural Banks Are Essential to the Microfinance Ecosystem of Laos

Rural banks fulfil different roles in different countries, but across the board they help to promote financial inclusion efforts to move the local population – many who have never possessed a bank account – to participate in the regional economy.

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Laos’ Fintech Revolution is Still Bank-Led, For Now

In Lao PDR, digital financial services are at a very nascent stage of development, but recent partnerships are seeking to change that by introducing new and innovative fintech solutions. Most of these initiatives are being spearheaded by banking incumbents and

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Latest Laos Mobile Payments Partnership with to Target Chinese Tourist

Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public (BCEL), one of the biggest state-owned commercial banks in Laos, has partnered with Hong Kong mobile payments services provider Wallyt to allow Lao merchants to accept mobile payments through WeChat Pay and Alipay.

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It’s Official, Laos Doubles Down on Crypto-Ban in Recent Announcement

The Central Bank of Laos has officially cracked down on cryptocurrency in the republic. The Bank of Lao PDR has warned everyone from commercial banks and businesses to your average Laotian against buy, selling or using cryptocurrency for money transactions,

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Cambodia Sees Growing Fintech Industry; Laos Still Lacks Behind

Cambodia’s startup ecosystem is experiencing growth, with tech investment on the rise. By Q2 2018, Cambodia had seen at least 12 tech startup funding announcements, or exactly a 140% increase from at five in the previous year, according to a

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The State of Fintech in Laos

If you attend any tech conference with a panel discussing VC investments, you will most likely hear that Southeast Asia is the growth market to invest in over the next 15 years. So far though, research concludes that Southeast Asia

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