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10 Takeaways from the Fintech Ecosystem Playbook

In the recently released Fintech Ecosystem Playbook, EY gives a panoramic view of the fintech ecosystem in 26 fintech hubs in emerging markets across six clusters, namely ASEAN, Latin America, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and Central Asia (CESA), the

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Fintech Mainstream Adoption To Be Driven By Emerging Markets

Over the past 18 months, adoption of fintech solutions has surged globally with now 33% of digitally active consumers across 20 markets using such products and services compared with 16% in 2015, according to EY’s latest EY Fintech Adoption Index.

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Digital Technologies And Fintechs to Drive Financial Inclusion in Asia

With an estimated 2 billion adults and 200 million micro, small and midsize businesses (MSMEs) worldwide considered as unbanked or underbanked, financial inclusion has emerged as a critical development challenge and an opportunity for fintechs. The unbanked are those who

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