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Can BIN Attacks be Consigned to the Trash?

Recently, Mastercard noted a “sharp increase” in Bank Identification Number (BIN) attacks and they’re not alone. Previously published data indicates that as many as 300 card issuers around the globe are impacted by automated fraud attacks every month and with

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APAC Leads the Way on Central Bank Digital Currencies

The global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly pushed many businesses into a digital world. Central banks are now also adapting the architecture of money to this new digital business reality, but some countries are more forward-thinking than

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Bring Colour Back to the South East Asian Payments Landscape

For the global banking and finance industry, Southeast Asia (SEA) has established itself as a key region in terms of innovation and growth opportunities in real-time payments. Underlying this is the fact that SEA’s internet economy is projected to triple

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