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An Introduction to Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices

Voice-powered artificial intelligence (AI) for the home has become a big business for Amazon and its technology rivals Google, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft, which have all put hordes of researchers and business specialists to work, trying to build easy-to-use devices that we

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Singapore Prefers Local When It Comes To Online Shopping – But Could Amazon’s Entry Change That?

The love of Singaporeans for shopping is no secret – but they are used to navigating vast malls and handpicking their favourite brands. E-commerce has really taken off in the last few years, as you can tell by the recent

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Amazon Comes To Vietnam

Soon, the e-commerce giant retailers like Amazon International, Alibaba, eBay… will attack Vietnam market aggressively. If domestic enterprises aren’t connected strongly and thoroughly, they will be defeated very quickly. Amazon Has No Opportunity with Vietnam market? Mr. Nguyen Tuan Ha, CEO Vinalink once

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