AlgoMerchant Raises Over US$2M in Funding and Launches Robot Trading Platform

AlgoMerchant Raises Over US$2M in Funding and Launches Robot Trading Platform

by December 21, 2017

AlgoMerchant, Singapore’s first platform offering trading robots for retailer investors, announce the public launch of their fully automated robot trading platform. This followed after raising more than US$2M from East Ventures and a network of prominent individuals in the fund management and broking industry.

The company started its journey two years ago with NTUitive, an innovation arm of Nanyang Technological University, with the vision to redefine the way of investing. Now the platform provides robot investing solutions for Singapore, United States, and Hong Kong markets.

The battle between artificial intelligence and human in the financial markets has begun. According to estimates from Barclays Plc, the total managed AUM from computer-driven funds has reached USD $500 billion, doubling over the past decade. High performance computing and big data processing now allow traders to automate predictions that once were limited only to stock market legends. Steve Cohen, a legendary billionaire trader has joined the race to automate his top money managers.

First platform to offer a variety of fully automated robots for retail investors

AlgoMerchant is the first platform to offer a variety of fully automated trading robots relying on data analytics and machine learning for retail investors at an affordable cost. Users can rely on the robots to automate trading on personal accounts with global brokerage firms such as Interactive Brokers and IG Markets.

As the only platform in Singapore which integrates with both IG Markets and Interactive Brokers, retail investors will experience a seamless trading process, reducing trade delays and human errors.AlgoMerchant collaborates with freelance quant traders and data scientists from all over the globe, who have proven strategies on the stock market, to discover profitable investment algorithms.

Statistically, retail investors spend many hours performing research on stocks but are often unable to achieve positive returns. With the robots, retail investors can have an edge similar to resource-rich top quantitative hedge funds.

Validated and tested by over a 1000 users including top tier traders

During its 9-month beta test, over a thousand traders have used the AlgoMerchant platform. They have been the first to witness top performing robots which can generate projected an annual return greater than 40%. Furthermore, in order to support their customers better, AlgoMerchant holds regular seminars inviting trading experts to share on their ideas.

Mr. Robin Ho, a top tier SGX trader who made millions from his prediction during the 2008 stock market crisis, has highlighted that the robot is superior to human traders. Showing his confidence in AlgoMerchant, Robin has pledged an undisclosed amount to be managed by AlgoMerchant’s robots.

AlgoMerchant will continue to work with international quant traders to share their algorithms on the platform following a rigorous in-house test for risk management and performance maximization. The company has also started developing customized solutions to meet the demand of fund houses which have plans to shift to robot investing.

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