World Remit Launches Global Experience Centre in Singapore

World Remit Launches Global Experience Centre in Singapore

by June 1, 2018

WorldRemit, a London-based digital money transfer company, launches first Experience Centre, globally, in Lucky Plaza Singapore.

The Experience Centre is part of a collaboration between WorldRemit, the Migrant Workers Centre and the Centre for Domestic Employees to help migrant workers to access financial services and send money home to loved ones securely and effortlessly using the company’s market-leading digital technology.

Alvin Tay, Country Director, WorldRemit in Singapore commented:

Alvin Tay

Alvin Tay

“Many foreign workers based in Singapore send money home regularly. A task that for many means spending their well-earned day off queuing in Lucky Plaza for hours to send remittances.

To help more hard-working foreigners in Singapore to take advantage of its time and cost-saving digital and online money transfer services, WorldRemit has opened its first Experience Centre in Singapore.”

Once signed up to the service, WorldRemit enables customers to send money wherever they are in just a few taps and the money arrives within minutes. The Experience Centre team will show how this is done and assist in setting up an account.

“Around the world we see that our service has been particularly appealing to women – removing the risk of carrying cash and freeing up their time. Women from the Philippines are one of our most active customer groups. Making it easier for them to access the service was one of the key reasons we chose to open our first Experience Centre in Lucky Plaza.”

Despite the global gender pay gap, Filipino women are sending a greater share of remittances than men according to WorldRemit – and the lion-share is supporting education. WorldRemit’s recent survey of over 1000 Filipino customers of WorldRemit revealed that:

  • Education is one of the top reasons for Filipinos to send money home and women send on average 2% more than men.
  • Of those sending money for friends and family, women are more likely to rank education as the most important reason for sending money (92% of women vs 76% of men).
  • Women support the education of more children than men on average and are more likely to support those outside of their immediate family (72% vs 41%).
  • Whilst most people support the education of 1-3 children, women are more likely to support the education of 4-6 children (22% vs 17%).
  • A higher percentage of women sending remittances received support for their own education from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) (29% of women vs 9% of men).

Michael Liu, Regional Director of WorldRemit APAC said:

Michael Liu

Michael Liu

“We are also seeing that remittance funding creates a positive cycle, where the recipients of remittances are using the opportunities their education has afforded them to support others. Our goal is to make it easier for them to do so by taking the hassle out of sending money.”

“It is also timely that the Experience Centre is opening now as children are starting their new school term in the Philippines, we want to help the money earned by hard-working OFWs to go further back home.

By sending money directly from our app or online service, our customers can save both the time and cost of visiting an agent enabling them to send a greater share of their money home – and with school books, uniforms, stationery to pay for, every peso makes a difference,”

added Liu.

By sending money to a mobile money account we are also enabling a woman to put money in the hands of her mother, daughter, sister even when they are hundreds of miles apart.

WorldRemit which launched in Singapore in July 2017 enables people to send money to the Philippines for as little as SGD 0.01 with no minimum amount. Customers can choose to send money to a bank account, or cash pickup service through its partners including M Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier, BDO, Metrobank and many more, or as mobile money with GCash.