Top 10 Blockchain Social Media Alternatives to Watch Out For

Top 10 Blockchain Social Media Alternatives to Watch Out For

by July 4, 2018

While blockchain was once known merely as the building blocks used to make bitcoin, it’s now being hailed as a world-changing technology. The past year has saw a huge rise in companies using the blockchain to form innovative, decentralized businesses. However, one of the largest trends we’ve seen is the prominence of blockchain social media apps.

These apps are unique in that they reward users for the content they create. We’ve all seen how multi-billion dollar companies like Facebook have gained their fortune thanks to the free content that users have uploaded. This new generation of blockchain social media will allow users to earn cryptocurrency just for posting.

Plus, because of the blockchain technology, users data is much more secure.

Although this market is still in its infancy, its already flooded with innovative new apps. I can assure you that you can easily find an alternative for your favorite.

To help you get started, though, we’ve put together this handy list of the top 10 blockchain social media app alternatives to watch out for.

Our Favorite Blockchain Social Media App Alternatives

Indorse: A Blockchain Alternative to Linkedin


Indorse is a decentralized professional network for the skills economy. Although it shares some similarities with Linkedin, the innovative interface is completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

Users begin by signing up to the profile and make claims about the things that they’ve done. For example: running a marathon, completing freelance work or graduating from University. Someone in your professional network can then “indorse” you for that skill and enchance your reputation. After this happens, both the user and the indorser will receive an indorse buck, which can then be traded for an indorse token.

The platform encourages users to grow their network, update their skills and validate others in their network, by rewarding them with cryptocurrency. This helps to promote a more honest and reliable professional network.

Foresting: A Blockchain Alternative to Facebook


Facebook is the biggest and most all-encompassing traditional SNS platform the world has seen. And that’s exactly what Foresting aspires to be. This exciting app allows users to upload their own content and be rewarded for it in cryptocurrency whenever they receive likes from other users.

However, this isn’t the only way in which Foresting rewards its content creators. They’re also setting up a service called Foresting Bank. Foresting Bank is a dedicated crypto bank that gives out loans to content creators who need financial help with their projects.

Choon: A Blockchain Alternative to Spotify


Choon is a music streaming service that was launched with the hope of eradicating the music industry’s biggest flaws. The platform’s musicians are paid in cryptocurrency for every track they have played. In addition to this, listeners can also earn coins by listening to sponsored tracks or creating curated music playlists.

Me We: A Blockchain Alternative to WhatsApp

Me We is a chat and text app that prides itself on putting the user’s privacy first. The app doesn’t spy, track or share any of its user’s data.

However, that’s not the only reason to love Me We. The chatting platform is filled with fun features, such as disappearing messages, voice notes, mail and chat options. For further convenience, the app also has a cloud storage feature

Steepshot: A Blockchain Social Media Alternative to Instagram


Steepshot is a Steemit platform for photographers and influencers to monetize their content. The app looks just like Instagram but, unlike the mainstream photography app, users receive cryptocurrency relative to the amount of engagement they receive on their photos.

D Tube: A Blockchain Social Media Alternative to Youtube


D Tube also runs on the Steemit platform. The video sharing platform is very much modeled on YouTube- but the business model is much fairer towards content creators. Recently, Youtube has made it much more difficult for creators to earn money from ads. Dtube offers an alternative platform for vloggers to monetize their content.

Creators are rewarded with Steem currency, proportionate to the amount of engagement they get on their content. They can continue to monetize their content for 7 days after its publication.

Ask Fm: A Blockchain Alternative to Quora


It’s fair to say that no Q&A social media platform has really taken off in the same way that apps like Instagram, Youtube and Twitter have. However, maybe blockchain technology could change that. Ask FM is a Q&A app built using blockchain technology. The app incentivizes people for answering questions by rewarding them with cryptocurrency for quality responses. Maybe some crypto is just what people need to start using Q&A social media on a regular basis.

Experty: A Unique Blockchain Alternative to Skype


expertyExperty is a unique knowledge exchange platform. The company was originally founded as a platform in which users can pay to connect directly with experts for a knowledge exchange. However, that’s not the only way to use the platform. It can also be used for private voice calls between two parties, Skype.

Rocket Chat: A Blockchain Alternative to Slack

rocket chat

Rocket Chat is a team chat blockchain social media platform that’s similar to Slack. It can be used for team members to communicate. As well as its live chat feature, it also allows users to use video conferencing tools, screen sharing, file sharing and real-time translation.

Rewardzzz: A Unique Blockchain Rewards System


Rewardzzz is a unique blockchain based rewards system that’s aiming to consolidate all global points packages into one handy app. Did you know that $360 billion worth of rewards points are unclaimed worldwide? Rewardzzz aims to counter this by having a wide pool of companies using one streamlined app and rewarding users for their referrals.

Which Blockchain Social Media Alternative Will you DL First?

As you can see, its easy to make the switch to decentralized technology. Almost all of your favorite apps and website have a decentralized alternative that’s been developed. We hope this article has helped you find your new best blockchain social media app!


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