Fintech and Blockchain Courses in Singapore

Fintech and Blockchain Courses in Singapore

by August 30, 2018

The global banking and financial services sector is rapidly transforming due to waves of digital disruption enabled by emerging fintech.

As fintech is taking an impetuous pace, dynamically penetrating the daily lives of consumers through every available channel, professionals in the financial services industry must ensure they have the necessary skills to face this rapidly evolving landscape.

The following is a list of ten fintech, blockchain courses available across Southeast Asia:


Fintech Talent Programme – Singapore

The Fintech Talent (FT) Programme was launched in 2017 by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) and covers the hottest trends and technologies in fintech, as well as cybersecurity, regulation, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and more.

Over 500 fintech professionals are expected to attend the monthly sessions held practitioners and experts, which aim to train participants in the areas of technical, leadership and soft skills. Networking opportunities and sharing of experiences by speakers will also be presented to all participants at every session.


Certificate in Fintech and Innovation – Singapore

The Certificate in Fintech and Innovation, by the Singapore Management University (SMU), is a three-day course comprising a mix of lectures, case studies, creative exercises, discussions, project work and class presentations.

By the end of the course, students will be able to understand the design mindset and how it can help to create new value in the financial services sector, learn how to critically assess new technologies and fintech business models, understand how innovative efforts can be effectively set up and governed in a regulated financial services institution, and grasp the fundamentals of design thinking and how it can be used in creative problem solving.

Focus on FinTech – Online Academy

The IFF Online Academy course, Focus on FinTech is delivered 100% online, with five modules delivered over five weeks.

You will study the effects of the shift to open banking, the opportunities and challenges the shifts in market dynamics could create for you and how you can develop a strategy in the face of all this uncertainty.

The module titles are:
1: Evolution of Digital for Banks & Open Banking;
2: Key Technology Enablers;
3: Battlegrounds & Sub-Sectors;
4: Payments;
5: Winning Formula

After this course, you will be able to:
1. Understand the fintech market and distinguish the signal from the noise
2. Identify opportunities and challenges from the fintech revolution for your business
3. Develop a fintech strategy for your business

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Fintech: A Practical Introduction – Singapore

Fintech: A Practical Introduction is a one-day course offered by the SMU.

Led by an expert in fintech, this course offers insights into the fintech revolution and disruption. It provides participants with the opportunity to understand the origins of fintech and factors that have led to its creation and influence. Importantly, it offers insights into how fintech is pushing boundaries and shaping finance.

The course is targeted at business function and/or IT managers, and working adults seeking to gain an appreciation of fintech and its applications in the business world.


Blockchain: Embarking on the Journey – Singapore

Blockchain: Embarking on the Journey is a one-day course by the SMU targeted at professionals seeking to gain an understanding of the blockchain technology and its applications in the business world.

Students will understand what blockchain is, how it works and its key benefits to businesses, become familiar with the various use cases on adoption of the blockchain technology, and learn how to design a blockchain for your business.


Leveraging Fintech for Business – Singapore

Leveraging Fintech for Business is a three-day program by the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School aimed at deepening participants’ understanding of the rapidly changing fintech landscape and the impact of new innovations on traditional business models. They will be equipped to identify opportunities for disruption, and harness new technologies to build better businesses.

Among other key topics, participants will explore current and emerging technologies around financial payments and markets, business model innovations, digital strategy, and advanced analytics.


Introduction to Blockchain and DLT for Executives – Singapore

Introduction to Blockchain and DLT for Executives is a one-day course by the NUS Institute of Systems Science (NUS-ISS). The course provides an overview of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) meant for executives. It is designed to enable executives to explore the potential uses for blockchain and DLT, for better business decision-making in the adoption of these technologies.

Students will learn the key concepts underlying these technologies and how the technologies have evolved. The course also illustrates real-life use cases, as well as the major DLT platforms including Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda, and the different use cases each platform is designed for.

This course is part of the Software Engineering & Design Series offered by NUS-ISS.


Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology – Singapore

The Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology (GCFT)  program offered by the School of Business at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) aims to help finance professionals to gain knowledge of financial innovations and technologies, and to support upskilling to meet work challenge posed by advancements in technology and the disruptive changes in applications, processes, products, as well as business models that are transforming financial services industry.

The program cater to entrepreneurs, mid-career bankers, executives and finance professionals to acquire professional advancement and deepen their knowledge of finance, fintech and financial innovations.


Institute of Blockchain Singapore

Founded in January 2018, the Institute of Blockchain Singapore is a blockchain and edtech private school with a primary focus on delivering blockchain education and certification and a secondary focus on blockchain research and development.

The Institute of Blockchain Singapore offers modules covering blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contract, cryptography, initial coin offering (ICO), and more.

The institute plans to launch three programs progressively from Q3 2018 onwards. These will be made available in full-time and part-time:

  • Certificate in Blockchain Technology
  • Diploma in Blockchain Technology
  • Certified Blockchain Consultant



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