First Fintech Event in South Korea: World Fintech Forum 2016 Seoul – Future of Money

First Fintech Event in South Korea: World Fintech Forum 2016 Seoul – Future of Money

by May 10, 2016

The very first Fintech event in Seoul, South Korea and will be held at the Korea Exchange (KRX), Seoul, Korea, during June 2nd & 3rd.

World Fintech Forum 2016 Seoul‘ is a gathering of Fintech experts from all over the world – UK, Europe, Hongkong, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada and more, 16 countries – to share the most recent knowledge, business model and the regulations and support policies of different governments around the world. The main theme will be “The Future of Money: From Analog Money to Digital Money” with a subtitle of “The shapes and the flows of money“.

The Forum will provide an in-depth knowledge for the FinTech industry participants, and intriguing information on the latest ‘currency economy’ for the general public and the consumers of money. There will be 8 topics to be discussed during World Fintech Forum 2016 in Seoul:

    • Financial Policies & Trends
    • Current Status of International Remittance
    • Fintech Payment System
    • Financial Platform for Efficient Management Techniques
    • Tech Security for Consumer Privacy
    • Best Online Banking Financial System
    • Data Assessment in Online Network System
    • Market Reaction & Applicable Financial Authorities

world fintech forum seoul

Speakers are experts from all over the world and from big players in the industry such as: KPMG, IBM, Tryb,  Asian Finance Society, Neudata, SuperCharger and more.

Through these topics, many sub-topics will be brought out for further discussion such as: the global fintech payment system and Korea’s, P2P lending financial platforms, crowdfunding platforms in Korea, global security technology, etc. It is expected to be a successful international networking event to exchange knowledge, opinions and ideas  via this first fintech event in Seoul, South Korea.

first fintech event in south korea world finech forum seoul

(All images are from World Fintech Forum 2016 Seoul)

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