-Fastest Scaling Financial Market Place in Singapore -Fastest Scaling Financial Market Place in Singapore

by January 7, 2019

Fintech has grown above and beyond national borders and has become a worldwide phenomenon. Financial institutions and markets all over the world are experiencing growth at break neck speed and all of this has been possible due to the huge influence of the Fintech companies.

Financial Market Places

Bankbazaar is the fastest growing financial marketplace in Singapore. The growth of marketplaces can be said to truly explode once they hit critical mass, i.e. number of active users on the marketplace and Bankbazaar has reached that threshold and has been constantly achieving milestone after milestone.

It takes its users through the application process for several financial products aided by the several online tools they are equipped with. At the moment they have arrangements with three banks, a number that they are looking forward to increase very soon.

Marketplaces do not follow the same business trajectory as that of conventional businesses not could they be understood using conventional wisdom. The growth of marketplaces all over the world has seen these start-ups tune into untapped markets and bringing up the supply of something whose demand was not in existence and become increasingly attractive once the marketplaces hit threshold numbers.

Bankbazaar combines ingenious conceptualization of potential markets and untapped demands and has provided the suppliers with a platform to present their services to the masses. The marketplace provides convenient access to Financial products in demand and helps the consumers to compare and apply online.

Online marketplaces have since become most convenient ways for the consumers to shop and to interact with different sellers and suppliers. It has also become a direct way for small suppliers and sellers to directly interact with the customers without any need for advertisement or offers.

What makes Bankbazaar the choice for all?

All of the above combined with a hassle free experience for the average user has since helped Bankbazaar take over the market with a storm because of this very quality. The user base is increasing day by day as more and more consumers approach the marketplace to own several financial products with their help, although it is still a fact that the final decision lies with the banks.

Bankbazaar is known for doing up to four rounds of financing with the help of giant global investors like Amazon, Experian, Fidelity Growth Partners, Walden International and others. Also Bankbazaar helps the customers experience an end-to-end journey that is entirely paperless and hassle-free.

Their due compliance with the regulatory authorities as well as their bank partners make them the perfect choice for customers looking for some help pertaining to financial products.

The Fintech Advantage

Fintech marketplaces have created their own niche of customer base who don’t have the time or expertise to decide which financial product is right for them or which to go for. Fintech marketplaces have the ability to create market space for them or even open up a whole new market bringing convenience and ease of accessibility to the consumers. Customers are more akin to choose them considering the fact they don’t charge customers for their services, rather charge from banks the commission for acting as the intermediary. With so many feathers on their Bankbazaar undoubtedly has emerged as one of the topmost choices in the Fintech world.


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